Clive A. Turner

Clive A. Turner was born in Providence, Rhode Island and currently lives in and works in Washington, DC. He began drawing and painting as a young child and has been an artist now for over 30 years. His formal training took place at the Baptist Bible College in Pennsyl-vania, where he took Bible Studies courses and studied Art History. Since then he has become a well-known face of the art scene in DC. Turner has participated in numerous mural projects and educational programs throughout the city. He has also been awarded several grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) and has participated in dozens of exhibitions. 

Turner uses a wide variety of media in his work, including oil, acrylics, watercolor, ink, gouache, graphite and charcoal. His subjects range from pastoral landscapes to portraits, from dynamic cityscapes to biographical illustrations. His style can be described as realist and expressionist. 

Mr. Turner is well known for his ability to capture a city in constant change, documenting historic sites of revitalization and development throughout Washington, DC. It is his hope to show the inherent value in these often unnoticed structural and cultural changes in the city he calls home. 

Mr. Turner has recently moved his home and studio to the rural Shenandoah Valley, where he continues to work. He can be reached at