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Jauan M. Brooks

 Do you know that artwork has no meaning? Keep this in mind, as you will not be the same person after you view this exhibit. Does and earth-shattering, mind-blowing event await you? No, something far more subtle. In whatever way, large or small, after viewing my work…you will have changed. My work does not provide meaning, but sparks meaning within the viewer as they experience my work. You have ever, and will never experience art with any meaning, and my works are not different. I wish to convey to the viewer that the pieces before him or her are absent of meaning, or power. It is he or she that creates the meaning and power while viewing my art.

Absence, negative space…defines an object as much as an object defines the space it occupies. Equally, absence…or lack…or loss, defines our be-ing. This exhibit is comprised of works influenced by the artist Sonja Softic, and is strongly inspired by the loss of my personal hero…my father. Now finishing my fourteenth year as an art teacher at Harrisonburg High School, I am excited to share with you my first solo exhibition. Both in the near and far future, as I pursue my goal and joy of creating, I will have many more shows.

Missing Garden - Mixed Media below.